Seeping blue - Un sorbo de azul


Ficha Técnica / Technical Sheet

Sinopsis / Synopsis

A suicide prevention hotline worker ends up receiving help from the other end of the line

Un trabajador de un teléfono de prevención al suicidio termina recibiendo ayuda desde el otro lado de la línea

Fecha y lugar de Producción
Date and place of production

Los Ángeles, EE. UU.

Idioma. Subtítulos
Language and subtitles

Subtítulos en Inglés y Castellano

English and Spanish subtitled



¿Es obra de estudiante?
Student Film?


¿Primera o segunda obra?
1st or 2nd work as director?

/ Yes

  • Género: Ficción
    Genre: Fiction
  • Temática: Drama, Social, Suicidios
    Themes and Tags: Drama, Social, Suicides

Resumen del Palmarés Festival history summary


Estreno Absoluto World Premiere:
2019 Women Texas Film Festival. 07/2019. EE. UU

Estreno Internacional International Premiere:
Faludi International Film Festival and Photo Competition. 11/2019. Hungría

Estreno Nacional National Premiere:
2019 Women Texas Film Festival. 07/2019. EE. UU

Deja Gordon (Directora / Director)

Biofilmografía / Biofilmography

Deja Gordon is a multitalented artist from Oakland, CA. She started her career as a production designer and art director for countless feature films, music videos, short films and more. As a director, her first short film “Shea Buttah” received several awards and she is now distributing her second short film named “Seeping Blue” as well as finishing production on a documentary. She also has a feature film in development.

  • Residente en / Residin in:
    Van Nuys, California, EE. UU.
  • Fecha y lugar de nacimiento / Date and place of birth:
    1993. Oakland, EE. UU.

Datos de contacto / Contact info

Foto directora

Filmografía reciente y más información
Biofilmography and more information

David Hebrero (Productor / Producer)

Biofilmografía / Biofilmography

David Hebrero is a multitalented artist and filmmaker from Madrid, Spain.

He started his career at 16 producing a directing several short films such as "Se Busca" and "Noche de Agosto", which gave him over 20 nominations from festivals everywhere.

Ana has a long professional history in the field of communication. As well as being the Manager of Creative Studio, she is also a Founding Partner and is in charge of narrative quality of the company.

After graduating from a MFA in filmmaking at age 19, he moves to Los Angeles to further explore his film curiosities. There, he directs "Color Blues", his most successful short film to date, having screened from the Chinese Theater in Hollywood to Cannes.

In America, he starts working as a Director of Photography in all sort of productions having had actors such as Margot Robbie, Milly Bobby Brown, Ben Kingsley and more in front of his lens. He is currently distributing his latest short film, "Paralelos" starring acclaimed actors Fernando Cayo and Esther Acebo and awaiting the theatrical release of his first feature film "Dulcinea" in theaters this fall. His next project, a musical set in Madrid is his next and most ambitious project.

  • Residente en / Residin in:
    Van Nuys, California, EE. UU.
  • Fecha y lugar de nacimiento / Date and place of birth:
    1995. Madrid, España
Foto Productor

Datos de contacto / Contact info

Lista de Festivales y Premios / Festivals and Awards list

18 Selecciones / Festivals
  • Festival Angaelica. EE. UU.
  • Premio Fausto Rossano for the Right to Health. Italia
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Ponferrada. España. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • International Short Film Festival Short Form. Serbia. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • The Ariano International Film Festival. Italia. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • Budapest Short Film Festival, BuSho. Hungría
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival. EE. UU.
  • Philosophical Film Festival. Macedonia. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • Believe Psychology Film Festival. EE. UU.
  • Indinner Film Showcase. EE. UU.
  • Pasadena International Film Festival. EE. UU.
  • Short Film Breaks. Rumanía. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • SANFICI, Santander Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente. Colombia. Estreno Nacional National Premiere
  • Oklahoma Black Film Festival (OBFF). EE. UU.
  • Faludi International Film Festival and Photo Competition. Hungría. Estreno Internacional International Premiere
  • CR8:BLK Short Film Competition. EE. UU.
  • 2019 Culver City film festival. EE. UU.. Registro externo a MMS
  • 2019 Women Texas Film Festival. EE. UU.. . Estreno Absoluto World Premiere Registro externo a MMS

Distribución de las selecciones / Spanish and International festivals

  • 1 selecciones en España / Festivals at Spain
  • 17 selecciones internacionales / International festivals